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 Here  are three testimonials which were written by my students who've  completed Jikiden Reiki Seminar (Shoden  courses) during  September to  November 2018.   


Jikiden Reiki – Shoden Level Reiki Training 11th Nov 2018


This is to confirm I took this level of training under Chieko Moriya in a small class of four students. The seminar was a combination of theoretical and practical elements of Jikiden Reiki.

I chose to do Jikiden Reiki as it is extremely steeped in tradition and because this teaching is traditional and has not gone through Mrs Tarkata and considered one of the purest forms of reiki. I am already a Master in Western, Seichim Reiki and Komyo Reiki Kai (Do) so undertaking Shoden in Jikiden style Reiki allowed me to experience a difference in approach, technique, attitude, and ideas.

Chieko presented the training seminar with credibility and clarity with teachings from this original and authentic Japanese lineage learned from Dr Usui to Dr Hayashi to Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi. Through Chieko, I was able to experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity as it was originally taught. 

The seminar was communicated clearly and decisively with a well presented manual and located in a lovely bushland setting in amongst nature.

Chieko covered Japanese Reiki History and the Jikiden lineage and the story of Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki and how Jikiden Reiki came about. We touched on kanji and katakana. She taught us the five principles of Reiki in the Japanese language which was very powerful. We learnt them by heart for the next day and chanted them before each Reiju. She stated that the gokai was at the very core of the Usui Reiki system and to sit mornings and evenings in gassho position and repeat the principles out loud and in your heart to improve our mind and body.

She explained the Japanese characters for Reiki and the meaning behind it including how reiki works and how to give treatments using the Byosen method and understanding the Kekko Technique stimulating the detoxification process. We also learnt the tool to develop sensitivity in our hands. 

We learnt the first traditional Shirushi reiki symbol and what it meant including how to use it.

We had several practice sessions to learn the new technique and feel Byosen energy in our healing treatments and underwent 3 Reiju attunements over the two day seminar.

On completion of the second day of training we each received an English Certificate and a beautifully presented Japanese style certificate to be framed issued by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan.

I look forward to completing Jikiden Okuden seminar with Cheiko in the near future.

Kind Regards.




Feedback of Jikiden Reiki seminar at Geraldton 18th Nov 2018

Learning Jikiden with you that weekend was amazing in all ways, so a big thank you for that 😊 my experience there won’t be forgotten. The 2 days of learning was full on and tiring but I really enjoyed it, and hopefully I will be able to learn the next level with you sometime in the future. 

I have done the 5 day practice and learnt gassho and the gokai is now my daily practice. I have been very committed to continuing what I learnt with you, and will continue to do so, as I really want to use it to help others. 

In relation to the treatment to one of the participants on 2nd day, that was amazing and I have never seen or experienced anything like that before.   There was so much happening with her body. Her stomach/mid section was constantly moving, and rising. I remember she was saying that it felt like something was moving round her body, like a snake. 

It was so worthwhile you coming to Geraldton to do the Jikiden and I know that I am so grateful, as I do feel that it has set me on a new path in life. It is one that I have wanted to take for some time. Going into the 2 day seminar I didn't know what to expect and I was a bit worried because I hadn't done any Reiki prior to this, and knew that other participants had, but the whole 2 days I did not feel that I was disadvantaged. You taught us all as equals and I loved that you delivered the seminar with theory and practical. You ensured that we had lots of practice in giving and receiving Reiki, which for me, someone who had no prior experience of giving Reiki, found so beneficial! I also appreciated the personal stories you shared of your experiences with Reiki, so thank you for that, as it was really inspiring and it made me feel more keen to learn :)

I really want you to do the training for Okuden as I would love for you to teach me this level in the future. :) 

J. S.


Dear Chieko

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn Jikiden Reiki Level 1 under your guidance on the 10th and 11th November 2018.

It was such a wonderful experience and I encourage any volunteer to learn Jikiden as I feel it enhances our Reiki practice.

You are a very good teacher and explained everything in the book really well and gave us a good understanding of the history and origins of Jikiden Reiki. 

It was a lot of information to learn and I realise practice will take me to a new level. I believe that you being Japanese made it easier to learn the Japanese names and words used.  I felt the hand positions you demonstrated were easy to follow and implement.

I enjoyed the exercises where we harnessed the energy and our group energy was amazingly strong. I was fascinated in how we can find and treat “Boysen”.

I was impressed with your knowledge of ailments and treatments and stories you gave to explain.

I really liked the Ketsueki Kokan Ho – Reiki technique to enhance blood circulation.  I have been practicing this technique on one person and he really found it beneficial and energising. 

I really enjoyed learning Jikiden and I look forward to practicing more often to get better with my treatments and “feel” or become “more sensitive” to the energy.

Thank you Chieko and I wish you all the best in your future teachings and practice.

Best wishes

P. Y.