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Clients Question #1


What are Shoden and Okuden?

Shoden and Okuden are Jikiden Reiki's practitioner levels.   Shoden is the first level and Okuden is the second level in Jikiden Reiki training.  In them you will learn everything you need to know to give Reiki to yourself and other people - physical, psychological and distant healing, which allows you to help someone who lives far away. 

Shoden level

Shoden level has three sections and you will receive one Reiju in each section. Three Reiju are given to each student during this Shoden course to help the energy flow through you well. ​There are mixture of theory and practical to help you fully understand all you need to know. ​ Shoden is taught over one and a half days.  However if you have a group of people who would like to learn as a group please let me know. It can be arranged for me to come to your area to teach if you have a group wanting to learn. There are no pre-requisites to learn Shoden level and previous experience is not required. After the training you will receive an English style certificate plus Japanese style certificate issued by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto,  Japan.. 

In Shoden you will come to understand...

· The history of Reiki in Japan and how the Yamaguchi family came to practice Reiki in the 1930s

· How Japanese culture is intrinsic in the understanding of Reiki

· Shizen Joka Ryoku – The body’s natural cleansing system

· The meaning of and history behind the Gokai or five principles

· The meaning of and history behind the Shirushi (symbol) used for treatment and

· how and when to use it.

· The concept of Byosen – how and where toxins usually accumulate in the body

After Shoden you will be able to...

· Use Reiki to treat yourself and enhance your natural healing system

· Administer first aid using Reiki

· Give full treatments to others for injuries, minor ailments, more serious conditions, relaxation and rejuvenation

· Identify which areas in a person’s body have an accumulation of toxins or Byosen

· Begin to open your awareness to a variety of sensations in your hands that indicate the level of toxins in the body

· Perform Ketsueki Kokan Ho – a massage technique used at the end of most treatments

· Practice Hatsurei Ho – a home practice to enhance the sensitivity of the hands so that Byosen be felt more easily and keep the Reiki flow stronger

· Chant the Gokai in Japanese!!

Okuden level

Okuden level has two sections and you will receive a further Reiju in each section.​ Jikiden Reiki Okuden(level 2) training is recommended for people that want to learn more about Reiki, deepen their practice, be able to treat psychological problems, give treatments over any distance.   Okuden is usually taught over one day.   If you have a group of people who would like to learn as a group, please let me know. It can be arranged for me to come to your area to teach if you have a group wanting to learn.  You need to complete Shoden level before you can take Okuden Level.   

After completing Okuden you will be able to...

· Treat yourself and others in order to bring about change in certain habits. Such habits could include worrying too much, stubbornness, procrastination, excessive anger or even eating too many sweets!

· Help yourself and others give up unwanted addictive habits such as smoking or drinking too much

· Use Sei Heki Chiryo to treat psychological issues, anxiety and the effects of trauma

· Use a Jumon and mantra to send distant Reiki to people anywhere in the world

· Understand Usui sensei (the founder of Reiki)’s intentions when he created this wonderful healing system & Inoway. Kamakura Daibutsu 0014.

Clients Question #2

What is Reiju-kai, and what benefit is it to you? 

As it is said that Reiju/靈授means giving/granting or activating souls; this is the activation process for Reiki. Reiju is a ritual in which the student is reminded by their teacher of the original state of being, that is to be one with the cosmos. The students receive Reiju during Shoden at Jikiden Reiki seminars. 

From this moment on Reiki energy is activated and flows through all the cells of the body. If you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, imagining that you breathe in and breathe out through all your cells.  You should start to feel you are becoming one with the Universe….. 

Normally it is said that one Reiju is sufficient to activate this soul power.  However as we live such a busy lifestyle, this ritual is traditionally repeated again and again. Chiyoko sensei taught that one Reiju a month would be beneficial.  It is a tradition within Jikiden Reiki, that Reiju-kai (meeting) was held for those who were already initiated into Reiki. Reiju-kai is an initiation meeting or Reiki workshop.  It was expected that a student took part in several of these meetings if they wanted to advance to a higher level.  

Students were asked to sit in the gassho position and then concentrate all of their awareness to their palms and fingertips. This devotional concentration helps to let go of the ego and transforms the receiver. 

At Reiju-kai initially the students receives Reiju and then they practice with energies which give them greater sensitivity in the palms, followed by treatment practice with byosen. During these sessions students may ask questions. 

In essence the benefits are it helps you advance in Reiki healing practices. Kamakura Hachimangu Shrine 0015.

Clients Question #3


Who should take a Jikiden Reiki® Class?

Jikiden Reiki® is for anyone interested in learning Reiki and for current practitioners who wish to deepen their practice & understanding.  Accreditation through the Jikiden Reiki® Institute, Kyoto,  Japan.

What you will discover:

  • It is unique – A Traditional Japanese Reiki  .
  • It is much more than a relaxing  therapy
  • A deep Jikiden Reiki  practice with a history of success with chronic illness.
  • A proven approach that is safe and effective.
  • An effective treatment option for alleviating pain, pre-op and post-op surgery recovery, anxiety, skin conditions and post traumatic stress.
  • A simple, non-religious  therapeutic treatment that works
  • Includes ideas and methods not previously taught in the West
  • Accreditation by the Jikiden Reiki® Kenkyukai (Institute) in Kyoto, Japan .
  • Certificates in Japanese are sent directly from the Institute in Kyoto, Japan.