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                                                         Chieko Moriya  15th Jan, 2019

What is Reiju-kai, and what benefit is it to you? 

As it is said that Reiju/靈授means giving/granting or activating souls; this is the activation process for Reiki. Reiju is a ritual in which the student is reminded by their teacher of the original state of being, that is to be one with the cosmos. The students receive Reiju during Shoden at Jikiden Reiki seminars. 

From this moment on Reiki energy is activated and flows through all the cells of the body. If you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, imagining that you breathe in and breathe out through all your cells.  You should start to feel you are becoming one with the Universe….. 

Normally it is said that one Reiju is sufficient to activate this soul power.  However as we live such a busy lifestyle, this ritual is traditionally repeated again and again. Chiyoko sensei taught that one Reiju a month would be beneficial.  It is a tradition within Jikiden Reiki, that Reiju-kai (meeting) was held for those who were already initiated into Reiki. Reiju-kai is an initiation meeting or Reiki workshop.  It was expected that a student took part in several of these meetings if they wanted to advance to a higher level.  

Students were asked to sit in the gassho position and then concentrate all of their awareness to their palms and fingertips. This devotional concentration helps to let go of the ego and transforms the receiver. 

At Reiju-kai initially the students receives Reiju and then they practice with energies which give them greater sensitivity in the palms, followed by treatment practice with byosen. During these sessions students may ask questions.


In essence the benefits are it helps you advance in Reiki healing practices

                                                        Chieko Moriya 15th Jan, 2019

Article #2

                                                               Chieko Moriya  Dec, 2018


Jikiden Reiki Treatment session

Recently eight of my students and I had an amazing experience I’d like to share with you.

A student (let’s call her B) told us that she has Crohn’s Disease. This is a disease where the whole digestive system has a problem. It was diagnosed 3 years ago and she was told that she needs to take medicine for the rest of her life. We decided to treat her and  so she got on the treatment table. 

All eight of us had our hands positioned around her body, two people on her intestines right and left, two people on her feet, two people on groin to knee area on both sides, one on her head and I had my hands on her thyroid and stomach. 

After a little while, she said that it feels like a big snake is in her body and her back. Soon after I felt her body started to shake a very small amount so I told her your body is shaking, she replied, “I’m not doing that!!” This shaking continued to get bigger and bigger, her body was now really shaking. 

Next minute I saw her stomach and intestines rise higher than her body level, they started to move like a writhing snake, crawling and twisting and turning vigorously inside her abdomen. Oh, my God, I have never seen anything like this before! I thought to myself, but I knew Reiki was doing this. After the first vigorous movement lasted for about 30 seconds or so, it went quiet. We kept our hands in position and a short while later her body started shaking again, followed by obvious vigorous whole intestinal movements, shaking, twisting, and turning, rolling side to side inside her body cavity. Amazingly this was repeated at least three more times then finally went quiet. After the healing session everybody was stunned into silence.  

Later student B said “I could feel the Reiki energy moving through my body. My left knee started to move, it was moving up & down, it stopped. Then my right knee did the same, started moving up & down, it stopped. Then I could feel the energy rising up through my back, through my chest and down into my digestive system. There was then a rest & it repeated another 3 times (4 in total)” 

I contacted student B one week after the session and she told me “After this session I felt like my body had been reset, I have had a very busy time and just eating whatever I could find really, not putting time & effort into food, so I was eating more processed food then I normally like to. After this session I didn’t want to eat those processed foods, I only wanted to eat food that I had prepared; I had to make the time to prepare the food so my body could be nourished” 

So after one week and a few days of eating nourishing food, I asked what are you experiencing now? “My body is still wanting only nourishing foods. My digestion is working more consistently and there is no tight feeling, it feels much more relaxed all the time. I feel good & I know with more Jikiden Reiki my body will be able to heal.”

Since then I have spoken to the other seven students, and they vividly remembered and verified the experience. We are in the process of doing another session.

Months later I’m still amazed at what I saw and that now I feel I can only continue to empower the practice of Jikiden Reiki treatment. 




Jikiden Reiki Shihan/Qualified Teacher

                                                                Chieko Moriya  Dec, 2018

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